Why the Young Persons' Plan for the Planet?

In 2016 the United Nations launched the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework to achieve worldwide sustainable development. The Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet provides an approach that enables promotion and delivery of these SDGs in each country utilising an innovative national extracurricular schools program.

The Plan for the Planet approach was developed to leverage the effectiveness of business planning and management principles and practice to achieve sustainable outcomes at local, regional and global levels.

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Building the Young Persons' Plan for The Planet


The Pilot year in 2017 exceeded all expectations, resulting in Australian High Schools completing in 2018 a world first National Sustainable Development Plan for Australia. Additionally, Worldwide interest confirms the International Program continues in 2019 and beyond.

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In 2019 Participating Schools are responsible for selection of their Teachers and Students Team for this extra curricular activity, plus the provision of a dedicated Plan for the Planet room, with computer and communications facilities.

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Regional Universities are invited and selected to support each EcoZone regional school, as part of each University’s community engagement program.

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