Next crowdfunding site will soon be ready this month, until then you can review our first Chuffed/Crowdfunding page for all the details so you can also Help Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet go Global

It’s exciting, we’ve all made great progress to complete our National sustainability plan for our first pilot year, now we want your help so we can take it to the world. You’re invited to watch our 2 minute video and see the range of donation levels and acknowledgement so you can Help Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet launch the program to the World.


Many organisations are putting in excellent support and assistance to this pilot year. This part of the project is being managed by the Society for Responsible Design. We look forward to including you as part of our Team that’s giving Youth a Voice. It’s their future too

We’ve done it with great success in Australia, now help us pitch to the world.

YOU are welcome to give support in a variety of ways; by promoting the campaign to your network and telling your friends about it, you can even start a Team Crowdfunding page that contributes directly to the main one. You are very welcome to donate directly online here or email us for our details so you can EFT your support and even by becoming one of our social media ambassadors, they all help.

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