It’s our future earth conference 2.0 – 2018

‘Leveraging STEM and Global Competency skills to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals’

Conference Program  29 Nov – 1 Dec 2018, Mauritius

ANU, Curtin Mauritius, Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Questacon, Mauritius Commercial Bank

We are pleased to confirm that ‘It’s our Future Earth’ Conference 2.0 will be held in Mauritius. Presentations will cover international leadership, as well as innovations, career discussions and workshops in digital literacy, science and other STEM subjects focused on achieving a sustainable ‘Future Earth’. Key stakeholders include Questacon, ANU, Curtin Mauritius, Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Mauritius Commercial Bank.



The Conference is open to selected senior high school students from across Australia and Mauritius. It will cover a broad range of key innovations in science, as well as other STEM subjects specifically focused on the Science Exploration theme of achieving a sustainable ‘Future Earth’. This theme has been developed working with the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC, Canberra), Questacon, Inspiring Australia, ANU, Future Earth Australia and key organisations based on the UN objective of achieving an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable future through the implementation within each country of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Key stakeholder organisations including Questacon, Inspiring Australia, Foundation for Young Australians, Future Earth Australia, UNIC, ANU as well as a number of other universities including Curtin Mauritius, UNSW, UTS, James Cook University, Charles Darwin University, University of Tasmania, University of South Australia and University of the Sunshine Coast.

Focus: Leadership, Teamwork, Business Management, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering: The application and opportunities in the STEM fields for further study and careers in ‘a sustainable Future Earth’ are the key areas of developing global innovation. These include photovoltaics / clean energy / energy storage; biodiversity (land and sea); health sciences; climate change; water and land management; waste management and energy security.

Key Benefits: Student attendees will be able to (1) learn from career scientists, engineers and technologists through both presentations and workshops on key sustainable Future Earth topics. (2) The students will also be able to present and workshop STEM and management learning from their development in the Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet Program. (3) Students will learn how to mentor and teach, based on the knowledge and experience they have developed in STEM subjects and their application to achieving the UN SDGs and a sustainable Future Earth. (4) Students will have the opportunity to engage with other key stakeholder organisations, including government and community leadership, NGOs and business through the networking and social event sessions during the conference.

Travel Arrangements & Teacher Chaperon: Students from each participating school are invited to travel to Mauritius for the event accompanied by a teacher as chaperon. They all shall be acting as group leaders for the many teams currently developing this avenue of study around Australia and Mauritius.

Event Program Outline:

Thurs. 29th November Day 1 Agenda :
Location: Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, MWF, Mauritius

8.45am  Coffee
9.00am  Welcome and Introduction. Director, RGSC & Minister for Education , HR & Scientific Res. (Mauritius)
9.15am  Program Overview & Day 1
9.30am  Understanding the Big Picture: Leveraging STEM skills to deliver the SDGs. Ian Chambers (ANU),
– Mauritius Student Presentations
– Aust. Student Presentations (1)
10.15am  Morning Tea
10.30am  Joint Student Workshop 1: Building the first International YPPP (integration of 17 SDGs)
12.00pm  Lunch
1.00pm  STEM & SDGs in Action. Sustainability Skills Workshop 2 at Mauritius Wildlife Foundation (MWF)
2.00pm  Sustainability Skills Workshop 2  MWF (Cont.)
3.00pm  Coffee
3.15pm Sustainability Skills Workshop 2  MWF (Cont.)
5.00pm  Close
6.30pm  Welcome Reception – Hennessy Hotel: Sponsor Australian High Commission: The importance of Science and Partnerships in delivering the SDGs
7.30pm Cultural display of music and dance (with Mauritian and Australian student delegates invited to join)
8.00pm Group Photography of Mauritian and Australian delegates
8.30pm  Close

(SOLD OUT) TICKETS HERE… for Students, Teachers, program Stakeholders and Partners

Friday 30th November Day 2 Agenda:
Location: Curtin Mauritius, (Charles Telfair Campus), Mauritius

8.45am  Coffee
9.00am  Welcome and Introduction.
– VC Curtin & Curtin Mauritius
– Prof. Brian Schmidt, VC ANU
–  Prof Graham Durant, Questacon
9.15am  Program Overview & Day 2
9.25am  Turning SDG Plans into Action: Leveraging the Balance the Planet Approach
– Prof: David Gibson, Curtin University
– Pimlico High School: The Reef Challenge!
– Mauritian and Australian Student Presentations (2)
10.15am  Morning Tea
10.30am  Joint Student Workshop 3: Identifying SDG Special Delivery Projects for Australia and Mauritius.
12.30pm  Lunch
1.30pm  Joint Student Workshop 4:
Designing the SDG Special Delivery Projects – Balance the Planet Application
3.00pm  Coffee
3.15pm  STEM & SDGs in Action.
Sustainability Skills Workshop 5 – Northern Mauritius Sustainable Development Tour
5.30pm  Close
7.00pm Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet: Formal Dinner and Presentations
Sponsored by Frank Fenner Foundation
MC  Cheryl Campbell. Addresses:
–  Mr Ian Chambers, Program Director, Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet, The Crawford School, ANU
–  Mr Greg Campbell, Convenor, Society for Responsible Design (SRD) and thanking Future Earth Australia
Keynote Speaker: Dr Jayantee Naugah, Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre Chairperson
– Several displays by local sustainability and wildlife NGO’s
9.00pm  Close


Saturday 1st December Day 3 Agenda
Location: Mauritius Commercial Bank, Mauritius

8.00am  Coffee
8.15am Australian students tour of Award winning Mauritius Commercial Bank building
reviewing the solar PV arrays & management of advanced water & air purification systems
8.50am  Program Highlights of the 3 days and Overview & Day 3
9.00am  Leadership and Mentoring other schools and other countries.
– Prof. David Gibson
– Student Mentoring Presentations (Kent St and Pimlico High Schools)
9.30am Singapore Science Centre 2019 Plans
9.45am  Joint Student Workshop 6:
Leadership and Mentoring for 2019 (Student Workshop)
10.45am  Morning Tea
11.00am  Welcome and Introduction. Addresses:
–  Dr. Jayantee Naugah, Chairperson, Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre Trust Fund
–  Dr Shafiiq Gopee, Head, Office of Learning & Teaching, Charles Telfair Campus
–  Mr Gilles Martial, Content Manager, Communication SBU, Mauritius Comercial Bank
–  Mr Ian Chambers, Program Director, Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet, The Crawford School, ANU
–  Her Excellency, Ms Jenny Dee, High Commissioner of Australia
11.48am Formal Close of Conference
–  Hon. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, Minister of Education & Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
12.00noon  Refreshments and Lunch
1.00pm  Conference Close
1.30pm STEM & SDGs in Action
Sustainability Skills Workshop 7: Projects – Sustainable Tourism Tour (2)
3.30pm Return to Hennessy Hotel
4.00pm  Students returning to Australia prepare for return flights

Partners, Co-hosts and Event Sponsors:
  Mauritius Commercial Bank


For further information please contact the Conference office directly via the address panel (at top of page to left).


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