An ever increasing selection of digital media is testament to the growth, reach and potential of the program Internationally.


Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet program PODCAST

Podcast from ANU Crawford School of Public Policy: Grab a cuppa and listen to the process, feedback and discussion about the Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet program.  Hear how it is empowering young people to take the world’s blueprint for development into their own hands and learn how this very successful pilot year in Australia has led to the international pilot in Mauritius through 2018. Youth Policy at the leading edge…


Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet program PLAN Version 1.0

Before you review this world first plan, consider the input process from hundreds of High School students with their first attempt to produce this book. It is designed to be the initial plan. One to be much further developed and to grow and change to be fully relevant to the region, state and country of origin. It’s also a discussion starter that everyone can respond and contribute towards. And all this while giving focus, voice and empowerment to Youth to implement and deliver all the 17 UN SDGs. This is a feat never attempted before and no other group we have seen addresses all the 17 goals, logically reviews and prioritises what IS being done and what NEEDS to be done in each of the 20 EcoZones across Australia that participated. The alumni and new students are keen and in process of mentoring students in Mauritius, who are just completing their first ever plan too. This can be and fully intends to be an ongoing process of inspiration, review, discovery, learning, redesign and planning to reach every part of the world. And you’re helping too. So, please keep all this in mind while you have a good read… National Sustainable Development Goals Plan for Australia by Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet 


Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet video Channel

It’s another good step forward. We have created the Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet video Channel that can show the world, a program to help change the World.

We’re delighted to show the dedicated Young Persons’ Plan For The Planet Channel on YouTube: Now you can see all the 2018 Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet videos plus all the original 2017 Young Australians’ Plan For The Planet videos too.

Many organisations are putting in excellent support and assistance to this international pilot year. We look forward to including you as part of our Team that’s giving Youth a Voice. It’s their future too

We’ve done it with great success in Australia and Mauritius, now help us reach out to the rest of the world.

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