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Role of the schools in the International Program

Joining the program and accessing resources is free to schools and always will be.

Participating schools register through a teacher-only online registration. Schools can participate either as an extracurricular activity, or as a class, or as a whole-school integrated curricular activity.

Schools can choose their own level of participation: some choose to be sponsored by community partners, to interact and present through national and international video and launch events, and/or to even travel as a team of delegates to attend the international and national YPPP conferences.

The program operates over 5 Key Phases:

  • Phase 1: 1st month (Research and Orientation);
  • Phase 2: 1st and 2nd month (Discovery);
  • Phase 3: 3rd month (Build EcoZone Regional Plan);
  • Phase 4: 4th and 5th months (Combine State and National Plans); and
  • Phase 5: 5th, 6th and 7th months (Engage: Presentations to local politicians and community leaders in each participating country via plan launches, and an optional International Conference with a built-in SDG Challenge Competition)

2019 Conference Tickets HERE Program Download HERE

How does the schools’ program operate?

The schools’ program can commence at any time,  after a program launch event. For many schools, this occurs in March. Schools then each take on one of the EcoZones across their country; for example, there are 10 EcoZones in Mauritius and 20 EcoZones across Australia.

Approximately 17 students, comprising of 1 team leader, 1 business plan manager, and 1 student, are allocated to one each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Preference is given to teachers with science, economics, HSIE and geography backgrounds. However, this is not exclusive,  and teachers will be encouraged to apply for the program based on their enthusiasm and passion for developing understanding and addressing the issues of local and global sustainability.

Each school needs to provide a dedicated Plan for the Planet room with computing and communications facilities. Each school will be supported by both a regional university and consultancy practice acting as key sources of expertise.

Role of Students

Students are invited to ask their teacher to register for a login to find out more, and then join YPPP on behalf of their school. Once a teacher receives a registration login and formally joins then they invite students to be enrolled – usually through student emails. Teacher-student team will then automatically be registered as the local delegate of the international Plan for the Planet program, meet other delegates and get to work!

How do the students operate within the program?

Once a student is invited by their teacher(s) to apply for the program, they may be selected based on their background in the key curriculum areas – science, economics, HSIE and geography, as well as their interest and passion for local, regional and global sustainability.

The 17 or more students comprises of 1 team leader, 1 business plan manager, with ideally one student responsible for each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – totalling 17 or more students per school.

The program is supported by a dedicated Plan for the Planet website that provides access to: a Plan for the Planet Build Site, an on-site Forum for teacher collaboration, and Experts and Resources.

Role of Teachers

Teachers are invited to apply on behalf of their school, either as an extracurricular program or as a program integrated into the curriculum.

How do teachers operate within the program?

Usually, teachers collaborate in the program to take the roles of Team Leader, Business Plan Coordinator, and Expert Resource Coordinator and do this for all of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Program deliverables and outcomes are based on the 5 Key Program Phases and supported by a dedicated Plan for the Planet Website which provides access to the Plan for the Planet Build, Forum and Expert Resources.

View Plans

This is where all the new 2019 regional and national plans will be linked to as they are finalised and presented to their respective government ministers and community members.

National Plans

In 2018 and 2019 both students from both Australia and Mauritius collaborated across their respective countries to develop initial national plans. View the Mauritius plan here and the Australian plan here.

Mauritius A Hub For Life Not Drugs SBSC – Sookdeo Secondary School Winning Video

Regional Plans

The first jurisdiction ‘past the post’ to complete a regional plan in 2019 is the Australian Capital Territory, a collaboration by Brindabella Christian College and Radford College – congratulations all! Download the ACT Plan 2019 here.

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